I’m Here, But Not Really

Check back in roughly a month. Wonder, Friend should be up and running by then.  Until then, I offer you the following:

What on earth is Wonder, Friend?

I’ll tell you.  About, oh, 80 times each day I find myself muttering, “I wonder…”  As in:

I wonder if it’s too early to plant herbs?

I wonder if I should take the baby to the doctor or just let this run its course?

I wonder what the nutritional value of a sesame seed is?

And I know – really, I do – that I can look all of this stuff up out there somewhere. But the truth is, the information has more value to me if I know the source. I go to my friends and family, particularly those who have some knowledge on the subject, and ask them first. I have connections. I know people. People who are a lot smarter than I am.

So… some of what you’ll find here will be standard blog entries, like my thoughts on whatever happens to be on my mind. Lucky you. But you’ll also find answers to questions big and small. A lot of the content here will come from my friends and family who happen to be experts – at least in my eyes – in a particular area.

Have a question? Send it to me. Maybe I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who can answer it for you.

This is NOT:

  • An advice column.
  • A definitive guide to, well, anything.
  • To be your only source for answers to your life’s questions.
  • Legally binding in any way, shape or form.

This IS:

  • Kind of like talking to your friends. We’ll discuss, ponder, offer suggestions, and generally have a great time.

If you have a big question, big problem, big issue, we can talk about it here. In fact, I really want to talk about it. Just you, me and all of the Internet. But I insist, absolutely insist, that you seek the wise counsel of actual professionals who are not connected with this blog before you settle on a plan of action.

What you find here may point you in the right direction (or the wrong one – I make no guarantees aside from good conversation and friendly ears – and eyes – to lean on). It may inspire you. It might even answer your question and solve your problem. The possibilities are endless.

Check back soon. I can’t wait to get started!


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10 Responses to “I’m Here, But Not Really”

  1. Stacey Berry Says:

    What a WONDER-ful idea! Sorry, couldn’t resist!! I am excited and honored to be able to be a part! Can’t wait!

  2. Juli Says:

    how fun! Great idea, Missy! My mom is a “master food preserver” so if you have canning type questions she can help. I can’t say I’m an expert in anything that anyone cares about. 🙂 have fun with this!

  3. Kristin Says:

    Great idea! I’m sure this will be awesome! I’m not an expect on anything really but I do wonder about a lot of things. Looking forward to watching this grow! – Kristin

  4. araceli Says:

    Love it! I’m actually wondering how you find time to write? It’s fantastic that you do though. Can’t wait to read more 🙂

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Love it! Count me in!

  6. wonderfriend Says:

    Thanks, friends! This is going to be fun. Except that now I’m a bit panicky about actually having to do it. You all KNOW about it… cannot hide out anymore. 🙂 Thanks for the support!

  7. Meghan Says:

    Missy you are so amazingly creative. I wish you all the luck and if I can help let me know.

  8. Deanna Says:

    Love this!!!!!! Looking forward to reading your blog! As for being an expert on anything . . . not so sure but I certainly have opinions on a lot of things!! Just ask Mike!! LOL!

    • wonderfriend Says:

      Thanks, Deanna! You’re an expert on raising two of the sweetest, most responsible young ladies I’ve ever met. I’ll be coming to you for parenting advice (both for the blog and for my own personal use – ha).

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